Podcast ¦ PunkCX : The raw and honest truth about what agents think about their jobs

Access the full podcast series here Summary: Adrian Swisco, an advisor and advocate in the service and experience space, interviews Anita Kohli, the CEO and founder of Solid Rock Consulting, in this episode of the Punk CX podcast. Anita is a Women in Tech advocate, workforce management enthusiast, and expert in contact center operations. They discuss the importance of creating organizations that produce better outcomes for both customers and employees. Anita shares her journey from starting in the contact center as a teen mom to becoming a workforce management expert. They also discuss their experiences attending the Zoomtopia event and the insights shared during the panels, including the importance of thinking about CX holistically and the expectations of various customer perspectives. Anita also mentions a Facebook group for contact center agents where she gathers raw and honest feedback about their experiences and challenges. Key Points: Anita Kohli is the CEO and...

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