Podcast ¦ RO-AR.com: Harnessing Data – Efficient Workflows and Decision Making

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Key Takeaways

There has been a significant increase in the adoption of digital collection and processing platforms.
Emphasis is growing on the quality and cleanliness of data, especially for making data-driven decisions.
Large and mid-tier companies struggle with integrating multiple data sources.
Consolidation of data into one platform improves workflow efficiency.
There is increasing awareness of the importance of sourcing and using the right data.
AI and Intelligent Automation are still prominent, although there's a shift towards practical applications over hype.
The importance of clean data for creating efficient automated processes is being recognized.
Adoption of AI and Intelligent Automation is helping reduce manual tasks and increase innovation.
Technological adoption can be challenging due to legacy systems and fear of new technology.
The cloud has enabled greater processing power and integration capa...

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