PODCAST ¦ Roundup – 05-06-2024

-> Podcast ¦ TED Daily: Be courageous! A call to speak up for what you believe Bari Weiss

-> Podcast ¦ TED Daily: How to imagine a better future for democracy adrienne maree brown and Baratunde Thurston

-> Podcast ¦ TED Daily: Sunday Pick What really went down at OpenAI and the future of regulation w Helen Toner

-> Podcast ¦ CX Files: Michael Morrison – NCRI Inc – CX And BPO Trends In Canada

-> Podcast ¦ Next In Queue: We’re a New Wave Band featuring David Powers

-> Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 190 Sandra Thompson on Emotional Intelligence – Part 2

-> Podcast ¦ RO-AR.com: Open Banking Developments – Updating Payments

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