Podcast ¦ Trustfolio: 14 Trustfolio Debt-Tech Podcast No.14 with Caroline Siarkiewicz, former CEO MaPS and now of the FCA Consumer Panel

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Key Take Aways

Caroline Shaklevitch has had an impressive career in the debt and money advice space, holding senior roles in multiple organisations.
Her tenure at MAPS saw significant achievements, including a substantial increase in debt advice funding from £27 million to nearly £100 million.
The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted Caroline's plans and strategies at MAPS, necessitating a focus on crisis response.
Caroline's current focus is on helping people, which she has carried into her role at the FCA Consumer Panel.
There remains a need for legislative changes to improve debt advice funding, which Caroline is keen to support.
Caroline advocates for a broad, equitable funding levy for debt advice that includes contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.
There is a push for improved engagement in financial services, encouraging people to be more proactive about their money and debts.
Self-help and digital resou...

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