Podcast ¦ Vulnerability Matters: Episode 15 – Visible difference with Sudha Vijay, Jane Rodrick, Michaela Baker and Chris Fitch

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This is a vulnerability matters podcast episode from the Money Advice trust. The episode discusses the experiences of individuals with visible differences and how essential service firms, such as banks, can create a more positive and inclusive customer experience. The podcast features interviews with Sudha Vijay, an ambassador for the charity Changing Faces, who shares her personal experiences of living with a visible difference, and Jane Roderick and Mikayla Baker from Lloyds Banking Group, who discuss their approach to working with customers with visible differences. The podcast highlights the importance of treating individuals with kindness, maintaining social norms, and avoiding staring or overly dramatic actions. It also emphasizes the need for awareness, education, and training within organizations to create a more inclusive environment for both customers and staff. Key takeaways include the importance of following the customer's lea...

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