Podcast ¦ Vulnerability Matters: Episode 16 – Tackling loneliness with Amy Perrin and Chris Fitch

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This podcast episode explores the issue of loneliness in the UK and its impact on individuals. It discusses the definition of loneliness, the extent of loneliness in different age groups, and the potential causes of loneliness. The podcast also highlights the negative effects of chronic loneliness on health and well-being. The Marmalade Trust, a charity dedicated to tackling loneliness, is interviewed, and they provide insights on how to identify, talk about, and help people experiencing loneliness. The podcast emphasizes the role of essential service firms, such as banks and energy companies, in addressing loneliness and suggests actions they can take to support their customers.

Key Points:

Loneliness is a warning sign that something is not right with an individual's level of social contact.
Approximately 7% of the UK population often or always feels lonely, and this has increased since the pandemic.
Loneliness can have negati...

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