Podcast ¦ Vulnerability Matters: Episode 18 – Dependency with Jamie Compton-Rea and Chris Fitch

Access the full podcast series here Summary This podcast episode discusses the issue of dependency beyond drugs, alcohol, and gambling. The host, Chris Fitch, interviews Jamie Compton Ray, who has 15 years of experience in addiction and suicide prevention services. They explore how essential services can effectively support customers with a dependency issue and overcome the stigma associated with addiction. Key Points: Dependency occurs when someone can't function without the help of someone or something. Dependencies can include alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or porn addiction, with impacts on a person's life. Addictions are often rooted in painful experiences, often in childhood. Dependencies can affect a person's use of everyday services like banking and utilities. Staff working with customers with dependency should examine their values and attitudes to provide effective support. Signs of dependency may include vague explanations of financial diff...

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