[PODCAST]: Credit Shift: News Update Navigating Inflation, BNPL and Financial Inclusion

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Podcast Link: Credit Shift


In this episode of Credit Shift News and Update, co-hosts Paul Sweeney and Cormac O'Neill delve into recent events, stories, and reports in the credit industry. The discussion begins with reflections on WebView's first in-person team gathering, emphasizing the importance of such meetups in remote or hybrid companies. The conversation then shifts to industry news, focusing on the UK's declining food and non-food inflation, challenges in customer support services, particularly for vulnerable individuals, and the growing use of AI in identifying and assisting vulnerable customers.

Key Points and Ideas

WebView held its first in-person team gathering, highlighting the value of face-to-face interactions in remote or hybrid work environments.Food inflation in the UK has been decreasing for six consecutive months.Non-food inflation also dropped, reaching its lowest point since September 202...

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