[PODCAST]: Credit Where Credit is Due: Debt Collection in New Zealand

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Link: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Arum

In a podcast episode, Steve Coppard, host and representative of Just UK and Arum, delves into the intricate world of debt management with Mark Francis of Debt Managers, New Zealand. This conversation brings to light the evolving challenges and strategies in debt recovery, emphasizing a more humane and responsible approach towards debtors.


The discussion focuses on the various aspects of debt management, including the implementation of machine learning, the role of generative AI, regulatory compliance, and good conduct in debt collection. Mark Francis, a prominent figure in New Zealand's debt management sector, shares his views on improving industry standards and practices, particularly regarding the treatment of individuals in debt.

Key Points and Ideas

Machine Learning and AI in Debt Management: Frances highlights the role of machine learning and AI in enhancing d...

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