[PODCAST]: Credit Where Credit Is Due: The Evolution of Enforcement

Recorded at a PEGA world 2023

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Link: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Arum


This podcast explores the challenges and potential solutions in the UK enforcement industry, focusing on fee regulation and integration. Jamie Waller, an experienced figure in the industry, discusses the need for fair fee structures, the benefits of integrating various aspects of the sector, and the impact on debtors and creditors.

Key Points and Ideas

Fee regulation in the enforcement industry is essential to ensure fair treatment for both debtors and creditors.The industry needs to prioritize compliance with existing legislation, such as grouping debts for a single set of charges.Integration of debt collection and enforcement processes can lead to more efficient operations and better outcomes.Jamie Waller emphasizes the importance of listening to enforcement agents, as they are a significant but often unheard part of the industry.The art...

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