[PODCAST]: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Rooted Finance and a Deep Dive into Diversity

Recorded at a PEGA world 2023

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Link: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Arum

In this interview with Munna Yassin MBE, founder of Routed Finance, key insights emerged about addressing financial disparities and embedding equity in the world of debt counseling and financial services. Munna Yassin MBE shared perspectives on the role of technology, the importance of human connection, and the need for open conversations in reshaping financial outcomes.

Key Points and Ideas

People are using savings to cover specific expenses, such as child tutoring and medical needs.There's a demand for financial skills, but a lack of funds to apply those skills effectively.In-depth research is required to understand financial behaviors and aspirations more comprehensively.Clients are increasingly willing to share their personal experiences, offering valuable insights.An "ethnicity premium" exists, causing minority communities to pay more for car in...

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