[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The Future of Media and News – The Evolution of Alternative Futures

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Podcast Link: Informing Choices

In this latest episode of The Informing Choices Mini-Pod, global futurist and Metaverse strategist Sylvia Calusa joins the host, Steve, to delve deeper into the future of media, news, and the identity economy. They explore the impact of generative AI on journalism and content creation, examining both the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Key Points and Ideas

Generative AI has already begun to replace traditional methods in journalism, with organizations like the Associated Press and BBC experimenting with AI for content creation.Ethical concerns and data privacy issues are paramount in the integration of AI in journalism.AI-generated content, while efficient, raises concerns about accuracy, originality, and the potential for plagiarism.The concept of "generative inbreeding" highlights the risk of AI-generated content degrading in quality over generations.A future dominated by AI-g...

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