[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The Intelligent Age

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Podcast Link: Informing Choices


In this insightful conversation, futurist David Smith discusses the potential landscape of work and society in the year 2050. He explores the impact of technological advancements, shifts in demographics, and changes in government and policy on our future. Smith delves into the intelligent age, health advancements, the rise of 3D printing, and the need for reevaluating our societal values.

Key Points and Ideas

The future may see a shift in government forms, potentially moving away from traditional democracies.The intelligent age could bring about tremendous changes, including advancements in quantified health and longevity.By 2050, technology may be pervasive, with central devices like smartphones becoming redundant.Additive manufacturing, such as 3D printing, is poised to revolutionize production processes and materials.The circular economy and personalized 3D fabrication could...

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