[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The path to Technotopia or climate change fuelled dystopia

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Podcast Link: Informing Choices


In this discussion the dichotomy of a potential utopian future driven by advanced technology and the looming chaos of climate change in 2060 is explored. The episode features Rob Caldera, Managing Principal at Futures Shift Consulting, who shares insights from his visit to the year 2060. He discusses the critical role of quantum computing, the existence of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the possibilities they hold for addressing global challenges. The conversation touches upon the challenges of collaboration in a shifting geopolitical landscape and emphasizes the need for responsible technology use.

Key Points and Ideas:

Quantum computing, with qubits in superposition, can perform calculations exponentially faster than digital computers.AGI serves as an interface for quantum computing, enabling humans to harness its analytical power.The geopolitical landscape in 206...

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