[PODCAST]: PunkCX: How to safely realise the enormous potential of Al

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Link: PunkCX

In this edition of the Punk CX podcast, Adrian Swisco interviews Juliette Powell and Art Kleiner, co-authors of the book "The AI Dilemma: Seven Principles of Responsible Technology." The discussion delves into the impact of AI in various sectors, ethical considerations, data privacy, and the future of technology.

Key Points and Ideas

AI's transformative role in automating tasks, improving decision-making, and offering new insights.The book explores AI's potential benefits and risks, emphasizing responsible use.Discussion on data privacy and security, highlighting the need for control over personal data.The challenges of data privacy include governance, accountability, intellectual property, and developing open-source models.The necessity of critical thinking in the age of AI, particularly in handling personal data and the content generated by AI systems.The importance of education, governance, and self-a...

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