[PODCAST]: PunkCX: Paul Weller, the Scots word ‘gallus’ and their relation to delivering an award-winning customer experience

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Link: PunkCX

Adrian Swinscoe's Punk CX podcast featured John Devlin, CEO of Ascensus, discussing innovative strategies in customer service and experience. Devlin shared insights from his 25-year career, focusing on elevating customer and employee outcomes.

Key Points and Ideas

Ascensus' Global Reach: Ascensus, a BPO focusing on customer care, operates globally with a significant presence in Edinburgh.Changing Attitudes in Customer Service: Expectations for exceptional service have increased, especially post-pandemic.Outsourcing and BPO Industry Evolution: Outsourcing is now more accepted, with clients proudly partnering with BPO firms.Technological Integration in Service: Ascensus integrates technology with human talent to enhance service delivery.Embracing AI and Its Impacts: Ascensus is actively exploring AI's role in customer service, noting its potential and current uncertainties.Client Case Study - Wex: Describe...

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