[PODCAST]: PunkCX: The autonomous enterprise is like a North Star vision of where business is going

Recorded at a PEGA world 2023

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Link: PunkCX

This episode delves into an insightful conversation between Karen, the Vice President of Product Strategy at Pega, and Peter, the Director of the AI Lab at Pega, during PegaWorld 2023. They discuss strategies for improving customer and employee experiences through AI-driven process optimization and delve into the concept of the autonomous enterprise—a vision where processes self-optimize toward strategic goals. The conversation emphasizes combining machine learning with business policies, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI decision-making, and implementing responsible AI practices to drive positive outcomes.

Key Points and Ideas

Process mining facilitates understanding and optimization of complex business processes."Messy middle" concept emphasizes enhancing the middle parts of processes for better outcomes.Operational efficiency achieved by optimizing and streaml...

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