[PODCAST]: PunkCX: When we talk about attention, we’re actually talking about engagement

Recorded at a PEGA world 2023

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Link: PunkCX

This episode valuable insights on enhancing customer experience (CX) through human-centric approaches is shared. They emphasize the importance of understanding customer attention as the most valuable currency and how companies can create meaningful experiences and relationships.

Findings from a global study, highlight the significance of emotional resonance, compassion, and inclusivity in marketing.

Additionally, the role of zero-party data and qualitative research in gaining customer insights is important.

Key Points and Ideas

Customer Attention is Precious: Walter emphasized that understanding and respecting customer attention is crucial in today's crowded digital landscape. Businesses need to focus on creating experiences that genuinely resonate with customers.Emotional Resonance: To capture customer attention, companies should ask questions that customers can emot...

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