[PODCAST]: Ted Talks: Harnessing AI to Preserve and Reflect Humanity’s Collective Memories

A little off topic this one but interesting how AI is starting to blur the line between simulation and reality

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Link: TED Talks

Rafiq Annadel, a media artist, takes to the TED 2023 stage to discuss the innovative ways in which he and his team are using generative AI. Their mission is to capture, preserve, and reflect the collective memories of humanity, especially as the natural wonders like coral reefs and glaciers face existential threats. By collaborating with indigenous tribes and harnessing vast datasets, Annadel envisions a future where AI not only remembers nature for us but also helps us experience its essence in a rapidly digitizing world.

Key Points and Ideas

The urgency to remember and preserve nature's wonders, such as glaciers and coral reefs.Rafiq Annadel's work with AI aims to jog humanity's collective memories.The potential future where only virtual simulations of natural wonders like corals might exist...

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