[PODCAST]: TED: The Case for the 4 day work week

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Podcast Link: TED

Summary: In the era of pandemic-induced stress and burnout, economist Juliette Shore advocates for a radical shift in work culture—embracing a four-day workweek with five days' pay. She emphasizes that this concept, though not new, has been turbocharged by the pandemic. While initially tested by forward-thinking companies, the idea has garnered interest from governments and workers alike. The research shows that shorter workweeks reduce stress, enhance job satisfaction, and lead to more fulfilling lives outside work. The approach involves reorganizing tasks to maintain productivity within the reduced time frame. Shore further envisions the four-day workweek as a step toward addressing climate change and building a more balanced, compassionate society.

Key Points and Ideas:

Pandemic-induced stress and record job quits demand new approaches to work.Companies offering a four-day workweek with five...

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