[PODCAST]: TED: The dream of digital ownership, powered by the metaverse

We haven't heard much about this recently, is it coming back?

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Podcast Link: TED

This talk dives into the burgeoning world of the Metaverse and the transformative impact of web three and blockchain technologies. Amidst the chatter about AI, the text highlights the often overlooked yet rapidly growing space of the Metaverse and its associated ecosystem. The Metaverse, powered by blockchain and web three, has evolved into a dynamic realm where digital ownership takes center stage, shaping new paradigms of capitalism and property rights. The article underscores the potential of ownership, identity, culture, and community within the open Metaverse as catalysts for innovation and economic change.

Key Points and Ideas:

The Metaverse is thriving, exhibiting substantial growth and economic activity.Web three and blockchain form the bedrock of the open Metaverse, laying the groundwork for digital ownership.Ownership in web...

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