[PODCAST]: The Buzz: Consumers gravitate toward AI-driven banks

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Podcast Link: The Buzz


In this podcast, Dustin Hubbard, President of Archway Software, delves into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in finance. He highlights the practical applications of AI, emphasizing its use in fraud detection, virtual assistants, and marketing. Hubbard stresses the urgency for financial institutions to embrace AI to remain competitive and serve their clients more proactively. He shares a real-world success story of Lafayette bank, which transformed its contact center with conversational AI, leading to improved customer experience and cost reduction. Voice biometrics in conversational AI also played a significant role in enhancing security and self-service capabilities. Moreover, Hubbard envisions a future where AI automates financial management, predicts challenges, and changes the very nature of banking.

Key Points and Ideas

AI in finance serves crucial functions like fraud det...

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