[PODCAST]: Credit Where Credit is Due: Registry Trust and the Data Dilemma

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Link: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Arum


The Registry Trust, in this podcast discussion, illuminates its ongoing campaign to reform County Court Judgments (CCJs) in England and Wales. Key figures Lex Jones and Chris Christic delve into the historical context of the trust, the critical issue of absent claimant data in CCJs, and its multifaceted impact. They advocate for legislative amendments to incorporate claimant data, which is currently a missing piece in the puzzle of financial transparency and efficiency.

Key Points and Ideas

The Registry Trust maintains official registers of judgments, orders, and fines in the UK.Absence of claimant data in CCJs in England and Wales leads to incomplete records.This lack of data creates challenges in debt resolution and financial decision-making.The trust is campaigning for legislative changes to include claimant data in CCJs.The change is anticipated to improve transpa...

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