ROAR Summaries: 20-09-2023

-> [PODCAST]: Informing Choices: Digital Twins

-> DEMSA Summary: Volume providers / Gambling / Parking fines / Cold calling ban / MaPS deficit budgets / Events / Duty training

-> [PODCAST]: The Buzz: FIs should view AI as a team member

-> [PODCAST]: The Buzz: Consumers gravitate toward AI-driven banks

-> [PODCAST]: Beyond Now: AOpen banking and the future of card payments Trends, challenges & managing fraud

-> [Webinar]: Gartner: 2023 Analytics and BI Platforms Magic Quadrant

-> [LINKS]: Links of the week

-> [PODCAST]: Collecting Thoughts: Driving Growth

-> [PODCAST]: Credit Shift: Credit Card Trends, The Future of E-commerce and LLMs

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