The true spirit of TCF: Helping out to help the brand

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza, talks about how if we can truly help a customer in moments of need, not only can it create a positive outcome for the customer themselves, but also really help to build a business’s brand. It is about doing the right thing. See the full interview and find out more about Aryza-> Here.

Human vs Machine: What is the role for humans in the future

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza talks about his view of automation. Despite the intense focus on automation the last few years there is still a role for humans, things we do better than machines. It is about finding the best mix for the job, in order to get the best outcome for the customer. See the full interview and find out more about Aryza-> Here.


Who: Aryza What: Aryza are financial technology company designing software to help customers improve their financial health. The company has recently been developing and launching products in the self-service, open banking and I&E areas for Collections. They have presence in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and other markets around the world and partner with and have access to data from some of the largest credit bureaus. Where: Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews :… Read more