GPT – Large Language Models – changing everything

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Next 5+ years, what’s the future we need to get ready for?

In this clip, Joseph Twigg from Aveni discusses the potential impact of large language models on the financial services industry. These models can assist with historically difficult tasks such as compliance assurance and assessing customer vulnerabilities. The adoption of large language models is expected to be pervasive within the industry in the next five years. Find out more about Aveni -> Here.

Large Language Models – Revolutionising Compliance

As Joseph Twigg from Aveni explains the accuracy and accessibility of speech analytics has significantly improved with the introduction of large language models. This has caused speech analytics adoption to skyrocket, particularly in high-value and complex interactions like financial services. Automating the process of evidence and understanding customer circumstances can lead to a scalable and efficient operating model, providing additional insights.Large language models can perform compliance monitoring, quality assurance, and consumer duty assessment for every… Read more