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Who: WizKey What: Wizkey is a debt management portfolio platform that uses blockchain technology to secure the process of buying and selling debt. This approach allows the finer segmentation of portfolios (down to individual debt level), in order to find better matching for pricing, and ultimately the creation of a debt marketplace. Where: Products: WizKey Define Markets: Italy, Europe Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews : Screenshots – Product Demonsrations : Product Explainers… Read more


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Who: CGI What: CGI is a large multi-national IT business and consulting firm. Headquartered in North America, they have signficant presense around the world including Europe and the UK. Although covering many industry verticals, they also offer dedicated credit and collections software. With many installed clients, they have significant market presence. Their decisioning and debt collections platforms are now branded under Collections360 (previously Strata and CACS) Where: (collections ) Jump to Section: Highlights… Read more


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Who: Receeve What: Receeve is an innovative collections and software company that uses data and digital automation to maximise collections for customers. With a fintech heritage together with collecitons, they are looking to bring the latest data tools and techniques into the industry, automating collections and providing better outcomes for customers. Where: Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews : Screenshots – Demos : Product Explainers : Contact Highlights Full Interviews Screenshots – Demo… Read more