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On going fully digital – payments over the phone are going nowhere

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In this clip Mark Kelly from KeyIVR talks about how there is still a need to take payments over the phone and how there is still a customer need, despite all the discussion on full digital…. also who are the people who tend to call in too. See the full interview and find out more about KeyIVR -> Here.

Working remotely – a great leveller

Chantal Constable from CGI discusses how working remotely has been a great leveller, putting everyone on an equal footing, on a video call. This has been true across businesses and geographies. What has been a challenge is some of the more subtle informal interaction, and Chantal discusses some of the ideas she has seen to try to also create that level of informal interaction. See the full interview and find out more about CGI ->… Read more

Avoiding Harm – are we thinking about vulnerability back to front?

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The full interview with John Willoughby from Elanev. In this discussion, John talks about what they have seen in the data regarding the pandemic, and in particular the impact on vulnerability. This has been evolving as our understanding has grown, and new questions are now being asked as to whether we need to think about this differently now… in terms of outcomes and in particular avoiding customer harm. Find out more about Elanev-> Here.

Digital Payments in Collections

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Going as digital as possible, as fast as possible

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In this clip Mark Kelly from KeyIVR talks about the pressure and call to action that COVID has generated for companies to automate and digitallise their proceseses. It has been transformational. At lot has been done, however there is still plenty more to do and this is very much still the start of the journey. See the full interview and find out more about KeyIVR -Here.… Read more

Advancing Digital Payments

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In this full interview with Mark Kelly from Key IVR, we talk about digital payments, or mobile payments, and how adoption has been accelerated by COVID. It will continue and there is a place for both fully automated and manual payments methods. We chat about this, recent trends in fraud and how there are nuances in customer behaviour that are shifting across the world. Find out more about KeyIVR-Here.… Read more