Digital collections

The value of being close to the customer

In discussion with Jake Levant from Lightico. The COVID pandemic has really forced us to rethink and reassess what is important within our businesses. Being close to the customer is of critical value. There is a new trend as companies start to see the value in picking some of the best ideas across other industries. See the full interview and find out more about Lightico-> Here.

Invaluable Silence: Listening to all aspects of a conversation, it can be valuable

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In conversation with Frank Sherlock from CallMiner. We chatted a little around the non-voice aspects of a conversation, in this case, silence. Silence, the duration and its nature can in itself generate valuable contextual insight into a conversation. Insights to the customer and the performance of processes themselves. Across an entire call centre can provide invaluable insight, one that only analysing text or messages themselves cannot see. See the full interview and find out more… Read more

We’re thinking in 12 month cycles now

Paul Jozefak CEO of Receeve talks about the knock on effects from the pandemic on the economy.It is the indirect impacts 2 or 3 levels in that are going to be hard the predict and will take time to play out, for customers and the collections industry. See the full interview and find out more about Receeve-> Here.

Across the world: Collections impacts

In discussion with Mark Sussex from illion.Mark provides his perspective on how he has seen differing impacts with different timings in different markets for collections processes due to COVID19. See the full interview and find out more about illion-> Here.

Digital can help: At any hour

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In conversation with Dave Wilson and Rich Healey from PayLink Solutions. We chatted at length about digital adoption. One of the benefits they have seen is out of hours servicing – even on Christmas day there was demand, and with digital processes support is still at hand. See the full interview and find out more about Paylink Solutions-> Here.

How will client interaction change?

Client interaction has changed dramatically over the last year. Here Chantal Constable from CGI explains what she has seen, and also how she envisions this changing as move forwards and return (or not) to the workplace. See the full interview and find out more about CGI -> Here.