Payment deferrals, a high take up rate

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Nevan McBride from Jaywing chats a little about what he has seen regarding customers taking payment deferrals and what this means for volume going forward. See the full interview and find out more about JayWing-> Here.

Changing predictions: The evolving nature of data and credit risk over the COVID pandemic.

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The full interview with Nevan McBride from JayWing. We chat about all things data in Collections, how data and modelling has had to evolve over the last 9 months.With much more data, computer processing power and data science techniques, such as machine learning, we also discuss how this will evolve for businesses going forward. Find out more about Jaywing -> Here.


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Who: Jaywing What: Jaywing are a leading analytics and data modelling company. They cover all elements across the customer lifecycle from marketing acquisition through to credit risk and collections. In recent years they have been deeply involved in areas such as IFRS9 modelling, Machine learning and the assessment of incremental risk from impacts such as the COVID pandemic and climate change. Where: https://www.jaywing.com/ Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews : Screenshots – Demos :… Read more