Fresh Financial Perspectives from Later Generations

Bob Winnington highlights the significance of including younger generations in financial discussions, as demonstrated at a recent conference. They deliberately involved Generation Z and Y individuals on panels in their 2023 conference to gain their perspectives, recognizing the value of insights from those with less experience but at the forefront of change. Acknowledging young people’s superior understanding of technology, diverse options, and current challenges, the speaker stresses the importance of their involvement in discussions about these topics. Find out more… Read more

Compliance-Customer-Centric Finance

Bob Winnington emphasizes the critical importance of compliance, not only for firms under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations but also in terms of conduct and activities when interacting with customers. He advocates that the customer needs should be central to any organization’s operations. To ensure this it is necessary to have a dedicated team to ensure the organization is operating correctly and meeting its customers’ needs effectively. Find out more about MALG -> Here. #MALG

Generation Money: Differing Mindsets

Bob Winnington observes how different generations have distinct approaches to money management, influenced by their thought processes and lifestyle choices. Some are calm and measured, absorbing information before making informed decisions. Others are more impulsive, influenced by advertisements and prone to buying on a whim, especially when using digital devices. He also discusses the impact of events like Black Friday, questioning whether people are swayed by seemingly attractive deals or if they critically assess the value and necessity of the… Read more

Modern Money: A Changing Savings Landscape

Bob Winnington observes the evolving approaches to money management across generations, noting hat while saving for major purchases like houses remains a common goal, the required deposit amount has significantly changed from their time. Despite being a comparable percentage of salary, achieving such savings appears more challenging now than before. He highlights generational differences in financial planning and saving strategies, emphasizing the importance of these approaches in current economic conditions. Find out more about MALG -> Here. #MALG

Generational Shifts: Credit Card Evolution

Bob Winnington discusses generational differences in credit card use and attitudes. They note that their parents’ generation, unfamiliar with credit cards introduced in 1966, avoided them, unlike the speaker’s generation. There’s observed resistance among older generations, wary of credit card debt. He also expresses concern about the increasing prevalence of ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes, especially online, where easy access to borrowing for small purchases can lead to significant debt, particularly during sales like Black Friday. Find out more about… Read more

A new era of money management: Changing generational views – [FULL INTERVIEW]

In this interview, Bob Winnington, CEO of the Money Advice Liaison Group, discusses the group’s recent conference, focusing on the evolving demographics of debt management. Keynote speakers addressed generational differences in debt handling, the impact of digital technologies, and regulatory challenges with the conference highlighting a lack of financial education and the need for more proactive approaches. The discussion also covered the rise in mortgage rates and income maximization strategies. Find out more about MALG -Here. Key Points Bob… Read more