Digital: Using the human touch to create personalisation

It is important to maintain human contact as a backup or necessary step while removing excessive automation. By adopting this mindset, Rob Wiles believes that the acceptance and adoption of automated services will be highly successful. As digital service users, people are accustomed to utilizing platforms like Messenger and navigating through interactive phone menus (e.g., "press one for this team"). The familiarity with self-service should be leveraged, but automation should be app... In order to access this content an ROAR… Read more

Which flavour do you need: Converstional or Generative AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of discussion, highlighting two mainstream flavors: conversational AI and generative AI. Conversational AI relies on a narrow set of information provided by the client, such as knowledge base articles, while generative AI draws from a wider field of data for its responses. Whilst there is some skepticism about the readiness for larger chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) applications, emphasizing the need for accurate and reliable dat... In order to access this content an… Read more

It’s all about a personalised customer journey

Workflows vary across departments, affecting how transactions are treated, routed, and automated. Each department has unique requirements and processes. However, from the customer’s perspective, the focus should be on creating personalized journeys. By leveraging available data and insights gathered at the beginning of the transaction journey, organizations can tailor the customer experience based on their individual preferences and characteristics. Personalization allows for a more engaging and relevant interaction, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Balancing departmental workflows with personalized customer journeys… Read more

Digital or Voice – Current themes

Rob Wiles highlights the enduring relevance of voice as the most widely used channel across all demographics and businesses. However, the surge in digital channels can be attributed to the consumer demand for round-the-clock accessibility and self-service capabilities. Whether it's through voice or chat bot channels, the convenience of self-service has greatly contributed to their adoption. Major players in the customer relationship management (CRM) sector, such as Salesforce, have intr... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is… Read more

Hybrid working: Here to stay?

Rob Wiles emphasizes the growing permanence of hybrid working models in the current environment. Core activities such as performance reviews, skills analysis, and training may still require employees to be physically present. However daily work tasks can now be accomplished from any location, thanks to the significant role of the Cloud in driving adoption. The rise of hybrid work empowers organizations to offer flexibility to their staff while maintaining productivity. As the business lands... In order to access this content… Read more

Everyone has a choice: brand protection via collections

In this era of abundant choices, customers can effortlessly explore alternatives for services or products using their mobile devices. From a collections standpoint, the focus shifts to retaining customers successfully at the end of their collections journey. This necessitates creating an experience that prevents them from seeking alternatives elsewhere. Maintaining customer loyalty requires providing exceptional service, ensuring a positive collections experience, and addressing any concerns pr... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join or… Read more