Managing Pre-Arrears – Pre-Collections

In this clip Guy Statter discusses the importance of proactive outreach to individuals, utilizing data to identify potential needs or risks. The outreach can be digital and aims to assess whether intervention is necessary, such as in cases of potential job loss. All actions are permission-based, requiring the individual’s consent. He emphasizes that while reaching out to those at risk is harmless, the following steps could pose potential risks. The overarching goal is to offer assistance to those identified. Find… Read more

The value of Community – for Customers in Collections

In this clip Guy Statter from Qualco talks about how the value of customer communities has worked so well in many areas of customer service, and whether this could also work within the collections process… helping people to help each other too… could this be the next frontier of collections support and service… a very interesting idea. Find out more about Qualco-> Here.

Joined up thinking: linking data, process & customer experience – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Guy Statter from Qualco discusses some of the themes around where we go next within Credit and Collections processes. It is a troubling time with inflation and an increasing cost of living, and we are likely to see higher volumes and digital servicing has a part to play in helping customers… to do this well is about seamlessly linking customer journey elements and services together…. with new technology around the corner (and data) it is allowing this to be customized… Read more