UK Credit Unions: Hidden Gems of Financial Services?

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR expresses concern that the British public is largely unaware of credit unions, attributing this to inadequate marketing by the credit union movement. He highlights the positive values and benefits of credit unions, suggesting that, if better communicated, these aspects could significantly appeal to British consumers. He also strongly believes that consumers would support the ethos and passion behind credit unions if they were more informed about them. Find out more about SOAR ->… Read more

A Digital Leap: The Question for Modernisation

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR discusses how Credit Union staff are passionate about digitising to enhance member service but fear system migration and new digital channels due to a lack of understanding and technical integration. Many credit unions, typically small with fewer than 30 employees and no dedicated IT specialist, struggle with adopting technology despite their expertise in credit union operations. This often results in a significant skills gap in managing and implementing technology. Find out more about… Read more

How Credit Unions can Personalise and Save

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR explains how underwriting loans and providing personalized services in credit unions are costly due to the high personnel requirement. Technology aims to reduce these costs by digitizing services where feasible. Many younger members prefer this digital approach, enjoying the convenience of managing their banking needs via an app, and receiving updates through emails or push notifications, though some direct interactions remain necessary. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. #soar

Double Brainpower: Efficiency of Peer Programming – with AI?

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR discusses the concept of peer programming within their industry, where two software engineers work together at one computer, enhancing efficiency, reducing mistakes, and increasing output despite only one person typing. He highlights the benefits of this method and their appreciation for it, noting that automation in their field can simulate the presence of a pair programmer, further aiding their work process. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. #soar

A Bright Future: Bigger, Stronger, and more Advanced

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR predicts a future where fewer, but larger, credit unions exist, driven by passionate individuals within the movement. They anticipate growth, especially if political conditions, such as a Labour victory, increase funding for marketing. Additionally, he foresees technological advancements within credit unions, including increased automation and migration to newer systems, due to the availability of more advanced options. This evolution is expected to attract companies growing in this space. Find out more about SOAR… Read more

Social Ties Boost Credit Union Memberships

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR discusses credit unions’ marketing skills, attributing their growth mainly to word-of-mouth through family, friends, and local discussions rather than effective use of traditional or social media marketing. Despite some presence in media advertising, a significant portion of new memberships still comes from personal recommendations about the benefits of joining a credit union. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. #soar