Moving towards an Omni-channel application

In conversation with Paul Gandar from Stitch-AI on however WhatsApp development is moving towards capturing multi-forms of communication… Omnichannel on your phone. See the full interview and find out more about Stitch-AI-> Here.

What’s new with WhatsApp?

Interview with Paul Gandar from Stitch-AI on the future of communications technology. In particular developments with WhatsApp and how with the release of its business API it is creating changes and new opportunities for communicating with customers. Find out more about Stitch-AI -> Here.


Who: Stitch-AI What: Stitch-AI are a digital messaging company. Focused on WhatsApp, they at close to all details of the API, and have been building services to drive and handle communications messages via this channel. They are able to leverage the ever-evolving WhatsApp ecosystem. Where: Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews : Screenshots – Demos : Product Explainers : Contact Highlights Full Interviews Screenshots – Demo Product Explainers