Weekly Headline Roundup: 16-02-2024

Headline Update 16-02-2024 :

-> UK households face battle to regain former living standards even if inflation eases | Inflation

-> Inflation: Cream crackers and cake drive monthly fall in food prices

-> Second charge loans fall 11% in 2023 – Mortgage Strategy

-> Politicians ‘burying their heads in the sand’ as new research finds millions are in the red

-> HSBC is on an AI hiring spree with call for three new executives

-> Over 6m parents worried they won’t be able to afford energy bills

-> Water companies can now be fined for poor customer service

-> Half of motorists would feel anxious and financially stressed by £1k car repair bill

-> Do You Have a Phone Addiction?

-> Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey sees signs of ‘somewhat stronger ’ UK growth

-> Government response to the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Select Committee report on council tax collection

-> Reducing and preventing financial crime

-> Anti-fraud controls and complaint handling in firms (with a focus on APP Fraud)

-> Barclays to buy most of Tesco’s banking business for £600mn

-> Italy central bank chief says time for interest rate cuts is ‘fast approaching’

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