Weekly Headline Roundup: 17-11-2023

Headline Update 17-11-2023 :

-> The vital role of credit unions in providing access to low-cost finance | Public Leaders Network

-> Millions of UK households forced to unplug fridge or freezer amid rising bills | UK cost of living crisis

-> The system has worked for Boomers at every stage of their lives • Resolution Foundation

-> Arrears and possessions | UK Finance

-> Mortgage arrears and possessions Q3 2023 | Insights

-> How nudges can stop people defaulting on their loans | News

-> How nudges can stop people defaulting on their loans | Insights

-> How the new Consumer Duty regulation is only the first step in our drive to enable people to better understand the choices they face in life.

-> 7 key things you need to know

-> What do the PSD3 and PSR mean for the payments sector?

-> How Open Banking will change the way we pay in Europe – Fintech Herald | Fintech

-> Unravelling Women’s Debt Dilemma. StepChange

-> Firms should strengthen anti-fraud systems and must treat victims of fraud better, review finds

-> UK Measures of National Well-being Dashboard

-> Rising Credit Card Debt and Delinquencies Trip Yellow Alert

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