Weekly Headline Roundup: 18-08-2023

Headlines :

-> Monzo tops CMA banking satisfaction survey once again

-> Will AI steal my job? Maybe – but here are some possible new opportunities | Artificial intelligence (AI)

-> Google Chrome will summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AI

-> Credit card debt collection

-> Supermarket AI meal planner app suggests recipe that would create chlorine gas | New Zealand

-> Tokenization: A digital-asset déjà vu

-> Generative AI-nxiety

-> Italy’s Meloni defends windfall tax move against banks | Italy

-> Number of landlords selling up in UK grows as mortgage rates surge | Housing market

-> Car insurance hits £500 a year for average UK driver

-> Sainsbury’s Bank ‘closes chapter’ as mortgage book sold to The Co-op – Mortgage Strategy

-> AI is setting off a great scramble for data

-> ‘Never again’: is Britain finally ready to return to the office? | Working from home

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