Weekly Headline Roundup: 21-07-2023

Headlines :

-> Arrears Inc. introduces an AI-enabled solution for streamlined debt collection | by Multiplatform.AI | Jul, 2023

-> The Race to Develop Voice AI Faster Than Scammers Can Clone It

-> Aldermore reintroduces BTL and owner-occupied mortgages – Mortgage Strategy

-> Britain’s digital divide: 7 million households have no internet access

-> Rise in people seeking debt options “worrying sign of households under strain” – CCR

-> Managing Compliance and Regulations in Collections: What Lenders Should Know

-> Klarna to provide struggling customers with access to debt advice

-> SEC Chair Says AI Could Cause the Next Big Financial Crisis

-> AI System Identified Drug Trafficker by Scanning Driving Patterns

-> FCA warns it will crack down on banks that fail to pass on savings rates | Banking

-> ‘Take it seriously’: UN Security Council meets for first time about AI risks | US News

-> Chatbot Honeypot: How AI Companions Could Weaken National Security

-> FCA measures to clamp down on social media promotions

-> Where next for BNPL? – CCR

-> Summer surge for UK insolvencies – CCR

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