Weekly Headline Roundup: 22-03-2024

Headline Update 22-03-2024 :

-> GPT-5 might arrive this summer as a “materially better” update to ChatGPT

-> UK should consider ‘housing sin taxes’, inspired by Australia and Canada

-> Pub insolvencies hit ten year high

-> Credit consumption increases with consumers taking on more debt for longer

-> Mortgage missed payment levels rise

-> Close Brothers launches £400mn capital plan on car finance probe

-> UK consulting market to flatline as clients cut spending, study finds

-> Dell Says Remote Employees Won’t Be Eligible for Promotions: Report

-> FCA calls on firms to “improve debt collection practices” – The Intermediary

-> With help from AI, Symend tries a gentler approach to debt collection

-> Lenders expect £788m rise in debt defaults

-> Rising costs drive 10% rise in credit card arrears

-> Record 6.7m falling behind on household bills

-> Nvidia’s GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip is the most powerful yet for AI

-> How to Fix Your Company’s Culture of Overwork

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