Weekly Headline Roundup: 29-09-2023

Headline Update 29-09-2023 :

-> Social tariff could cut £300 from energy bills for poorest households

-> Seven million households struggling to keep up with rent or mortgage payments

-> Number of first-time buyers falls amid tougher housing market conditions

-> Galaxy chocolate bars now 10% smaller amid ‘shrinkflation’ | Chocolate

-> First-time buyers in UK drop by a fifth as higher mortgage costs bite | Housing market

-> Digital euro still two years away as ECB president Christine Lagarde takes on conspiracy theorists

-> balancing automation & agent performance

-> The EV Transition Is Revving Up Connected Efficiencies for Commercial Fleets

-> Seven in 10 GPs see rise in patients seeking help to deal with cost of living crisis, warns RCGP

-> OpenAI gives ChatGPT a voice for verbal conversations

-> Will ChatGPT Enterprise put companies’ AI concerns to rest?

-> Metaverse: What happened to Mark Zuckerberg’s next big thing?

-> Santander reorganises structure to streamline operations

-> NatWest to build generative AI tools and expertise with AWS

-> Consumer confidence increases to highest level since January 2022

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