As An AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models in particular are becoming ever more prevalent, and indeed useful, in today’s information society.

The term ‘As an AI language model’, has been cited and discussed as a phrase that is being seen as an indicator of how much AI models are being used to generate content, and in turn concern that this, unfiltered, may pollute content on the web.

At we are using AI to help automatically summarise text. This helps quickly provide insights, to prioritise areas of interest and links to follow to original articles for further study. It is not to substitute for the detail.

However, we are also aware of the issue, and need for transparency around when this automation is used (not least to explain some of any spelling or text errors).

In order to provide this transparency we are starting to introduce the ‘As An AI’ logo on posts to indicate where a high degree of AI automation is used.

[The logo is of course AI generated too… if you would like to also use this logo for your website, please drop us a note, to let use know and a copy of the file]