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Weekly Headline Roundup: 01-12-2023

Headline Update 01-12-2023 : -Paying your mortgage when experiencing financial difficulties -Designing for people with dyscalculia and low numeracy -Borrowers in financial difficulty (BiFD) project – supporting those facing payment difficulties due to coronavirus – interim findings -How can behavioural messaging campaigns be tailored to reduce loan delinquency? -Commonwealth Bank turns to AI to root out abusive payments -AperiData’s Credit Console expands access to loans for HEY Credit Union customers – Open Banking -… Read more

Insights: 01-12-2023

-[INSIGHTS]: Quantum Computing: Moving Quickly From Theory to Reality -[INSIGHTS]: Navigating Regulatory Shifts – whitepaper -[INSIGHTS]: GamCare Core Messages and Self-Help Toolkit -[INSIGHTS]: CP23/21 Consumer Credit (Regulatory Reporting) Instrument 2023 -[INSIGHTS]: Online Nation 2023 Report: A Comprehensive Overview of the UK’s Digital Landscape -[INSIGHTS]: Customer Experience Excellence Report UK 2023/24 -[INSIGHTS]: Unravelling Women’s Debt Dilemma – StepChange November 2023 Report… Read more

ROAR Summaries: 29-11-2023

-DEMSA Summary: Awards / Regulatory update / Problem Gambling / IPA event / Tracing / Collaborations / Events / Training -[LINKS]: Links of the week -[PODCAST]: PunkCX: The five barriers to digital transformation and a roadmap to overcome them -[PODCAST]: Beyond Now: The Importance of Education, Empathy and Technology in Debt Collection… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 24-11-2023

Headline Update 24-11-2023 : -Extra Energy supply Director hit with 6 year ban -Canadian fintechs demand open banking action -Households resorting to desperate measures to cope with rising bills -One third of older homeowners consider themselves vulnerable -Inflation falls to 4.6% – consumer credit industry reaction -What CEOs Need to Know About the Costs of Adopting GenAI -The Sam Altman drama points to a deeper split in the tech world -How not… Read more

ROAR Summaries: 22-11-2023

-[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The Future of Media and News -[LINKS]: Links of the week -DEMSA Summary: Safer Gambling Week / Ofgem rules / Insolvency stats / CP23-21 / Collaborations / Events / Training -[PODCAST]: PunkCX: Brands don’t need more feedback or survey data to better understand their customers -[PODCAST]: Debt Talk The cost of fuel -[PODCAST]: Beyond Now: Consumer Duty and Open Banking for Financial Services -[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The Intelligent Age… Read more