Chris Warburton

Contact Channel Proliferation

How many ways are there to contact people each other today? How do we manage effectively in such a contact channel rich world. See the full interview and find out more about Webio -> Here.

16-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -48% of Businesses see increase in late payments -JP Morgan uses blockchain to improve global transfers -Positive signs for the travel sector as hotel & flight searches increases for the first time in 2021 – CCR -A fifth of UK workers feel remote working has reduced recognition in the workplace – CCR -Can the European Union prevent an artificial intelligence dystopia? -England making the most of Covid… Read more

Will we see the end of physical letters?

When will the FCA take to steps to remove the use of paper form letters? These increasingly seem outdated, especially in light of the increased use of digital communication channels recently. In conversation with Natalie Murray from Lawbox Design we discussed how and whether this will ever occur. See the full interview and find out more about Lawbox Design-> Here.

15-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -A Unified RCS Messaging Platform for Android Users Is Dead -Goldman Sachs settles on Birmingham for second UK office -In a first for major economy, China creates its own digital currency: Report -Lithium battery costs have fallen by 98% in three decades -Curtains Up for the One Percent -Changes for consumer credit firms post-Brexit -• Chart: UK far ahead of Europe in curbing Covid-19 -Post-Brexit… Read more

New Support

None of us are really that far from finding difficulty financially. In conversation with Sarah Lambert from Policy in Practice. We discuss how the pandemic has presented many with unexpected income shocks, including many who thought they were in stable roles and could manage well financially. It has shown how we can all be impacted and find difficulties financially quite easily. See the full interview and find out more about Policy in Practice -> Here.