Chris Warburton

Credit Unions: Staying ahead (engaging more members and remaining in control)

Date:    28th October 2022 Time:   10:00 – 11:30am Details Credit Unions have increasingly been in the spotlight with the government promoting Credit Unions as a more cost effective and safer alternative to High Cost Short Term Lending (& with BNPL, Alt lending in the background). The Bank of England is reporting rising assets and growing member books. However, following another FCA portfolio letter in March 2022 (re oversight and controls), the publication of… Read more

07-09-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines : -Credit Union membership rises as hunt for affordable credit grows -Call for Covid-style support for business energy customers -Nine in ten payments now contactless -Liz Truss expected to freeze energy bills in tax-funded scheme | UK cost of living crisis -‘Cucumber capital’ growers selling up as Brexit and energy crisis hits Britain’s vegetable industry | Farming -Scotland to freeze rent and rail fares to help with cost… Read more