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A plan for Jan… to carry on jingling

With the year winding down, in contrast, I have been finding that everything activity-wise has been winding up… getting busier rather than slowing down. This has meant a fair bit of rushing around, setting and meeting deadlines and of course not getting the time to reflect and write quite so much.  My regular blog posts have been pushed into a mini hiatus! Jingle Bells And, its not just me, everyone I speak to seems the same. It’s a very familiar… Read more

The MetaVerse is dead – Long live the Metaverse

Last week, I had the pleasure of chairing the Credit Connect Technology Think Tank, where we all gathered in Manchester to discuss the latest themes across Risk Operations, Credit, Collections, and Recoveries. It was an interesting and lively discussion with a couple of key themes emerging. Gradually Rising Arrears It feels like we have all been waiting and predicting a rise in arrears levels over the last five years. As discussed over dinner, in some ways, it is our job… Read more

The economy – maple icing or just thin ice

Travel has a way of broadening perspectives and this week I have been in Canada again, at the RMA conference in Niagara Falls, where I have been generally eating too many burgers, drinking too much coffee and wondering where the vegetables have gone from my diet… all this in addition to chatting about the Canadian economic landscape and what people think will happen in the new year. Of course, some things are different but what was surprising was just how… Read more

The Dancing Team

Last week, I made the journey down to London to see ABBA Voyage. Beyond the music, which was a lot of fun, the staging and the show were outstanding… world-class, in fact… they threw everything at it. What made it so good… it was the little things. Avatars casting a shadow on the floorAdding real musicians to the set, giving that organic ‘live’ music feelStage lighting and effects that moved and extended out from the stage throughout the audience and… Read more

Be more dog… or more cat?

It is an age-old icebreaker question, one that is safe to discuss (unlike sport and certainly politics) and almost as classic as discussing the weather: ‘Are you a dog person or a cat person?’ Most people seem to identify with one or the other, and definitively too. ‘I’m totally a dog person; I can’t stand cats,’ or just simply, ‘I’m a cat person,’ as they snootily look down on all dog people as somewhat inferior. Can this seemingly innocent question… Read more

All smoke no fire – Consumer Duty?

In case you hadn’t noticed the new Consumer Duty has gone live in the UK. I was away when this happened and since coming back I have been taking some polls around how people feel, 2 weeks in. Before launch there certainly was plenty of fanfare (and resources to help), a pressing deadline and chorus of doom and gloom above the wrath of the FCA that would descend on August 1st…. yes I was guilty of this too! However, with… Read more