On going fully digital – payments over the phone are going nowhere

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In this clip Mark Kelly from KeyIVR talks about how there is still a need to take payments over the phone and how there is still a customer need, despite all the discussion on full digital…. also who are the people who tend to call in too. See the full interview and find out more about KeyIVR -> Here.

Taking an integrated approach

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In this clip, Craig Hinchliffe, CEO of the Perch Group discusses the need for digital channels in today’s environment, and how it is not digital or human interaction that is now required, but an integrated approach. Is it something that customers are now expecting, an omnichannel approach and a trend they are having to respond to. See the full interview and find out more about the Perch Group -> Here.

Increasing regulatory focus on customer outcomes

In conversation with Damien Burke, Partner at 4Most. In this clip Damien talks about the increasing regulatory focus on the customer journey, emphasizing finding the right treatment and outcome for customers. Granularity and sophistication of decision-making is now all increasing. It is now starting to be expected to be in place. See the full interview and find out more about 4most -> Here.

Adopting digital: thinking about things differently

In conversation with Bernie Smith from Made to Measure KPIs. In this clip we talk about how digital transformation has helped us during lockdowns, however, Bernie reflects on whether we are really using many of their tools their maximum capability and whether we still need to shift our thinking a little further? See the full interview and find out more about Made to Measure KPIs-> Here.

TMAC: Product demonstration

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Changing Customer Dynamics

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