Finding the energy

With the war in Ukraine still ongoing, sanctions have continued to increase over the last week, all to try to stop the fighting. There are designed to be hard-hitting for Russia, however none of this of course is without consequence here. This week I thought I would take a look at this, what this could mean for us and how we should get ready. Taking a step back Only 2 weeks ago, before all this… Read more

A kinder, gentler route to influence

Pets do seem to be playing an increasing role in many of our lives. Indeed there seem to be quite a few folks I know who acquired a dog during lockdown, who are now becoming features on work video calls and no-one minds anymore too. It is great. ‘Dogs have owners… cats have staff’. In my house, no dogs, but there are cats… 2 cats. Now, I would not say I am a cat person…… Read more

Checking out – self-serve

Those of you who know me or have followed this column for a while will know that I have an interest in observing some of the little things, and how lessons from one industry can be applied to another. This week I found myself once again in the supermarket… this shopping for food thing seems to be becoming a bit of a habit! 🙂 With only a relatively small shop, this weekend I decided to… Read more

Sometimes life gets in the way

Yes I know, there was no blog this last weekend… with life seemingly returning to some sort of normality it has become busy again, and apparently, all it needs is a slight change of routine (an activity was cancelled) and suddenly everything is out of alignment and you’ve run out of time… Who would have thought that writing a blog would have any similarity to landing planes (or indeed running the trains), but apparently it… Read more