Building Communication that works – intelligibility webinar

Designing communication to support and get results
Embedding intelligibility in the debt management sector

Join us on the 21st February 2024, at 10am, for a session on designing and building communication that works – intelligible communication.

What is it, what techniques can be used and, from experience, what does success look like.

Supporting customers is not always easy and if you can’t understand their needs or explain their options generating good customer outcomes is tough.  And, in the current regulatory environment, evidencing you have done so can be even tougher.

With speakers from Amplified Global, StepChange and DEMSA this webinar will illustrate some of the latest thinking, share best practices and hands-on experience in the redesign of debt advice communication, to better support customers/clients.

Register here and join us to find out more.


  • Introduction
  • Intelligibility thinking – with Amplified Global
    • What is it? Why is it important? What difference does it make?
  • Getting the Message – an update from StepChange, their experience with re-design
  • Regulatory direction of travel – an update from DEMSA
  • The art of the possible – 2024 and the future 
  • Wrap

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