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Podcast summaries from around the industry

Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 194 – GOOW TV on Training & Agent In-Call Knowledge

Access the full podcast series here Key Takeaways Training in contact centres should focus more on education rather than just job-related tasks. The importance of tying training to competency in the skills matrix. The need for training to be meaningful and tied to clear objectives. The benefits of aligning training with customer outcomes. The importance of empowering agents to take ownership and resolve issues. The use of desktop automation is growing, especially in large contact centres. Agents often have to… Read more

Podcast ¦ CX Files: Leigh Hopwood – CCMA – CX From The Buyer’s Perspective

Access the full podcast series here Key Takeaways Cultural fit is a crucial factor when choosing an outsourcing partner, even more so than price. Buyers are seeking additional value, flexibility, and agility from outsourcing relationships. Quality and proactivity are key areas for outsourcers to focus on to improve customer experience. The CCMA is focused on supporting contact centres in the UK to achieve excellence through sharing best practices, research, and events. The European Contact Centre Awards and other upcoming events… Read more

Podcast ¦ Informing Choices: Inclusive Workplaces – Nurturing Culturally Dynamic, Multi-Generational Workplaces with Cat Barnard

Access the full podcast series here Key Takeaways Inclusive workplaces are crucial for fostering diversity in gender, culture, and age. Organisations need to actively recruit across diverse categories to create a more inclusive environment. Recruitment processes need to evolve to focus on diversity rather than just fitting a cultural mould. The ageing population and immigration will play significant roles in the future workforce. Organisations need to invest in upskilling and reskilling to address changing workforce dynamics. Social media plays a… Read more

Podcast ¦ Vulnerability Matters: Episode 23 – The secret life of accessible numbers with Laura Parker and Chris Fitch

Access the full podcast series here Key Takeaways Accessible numbers are those presented in a way that is easy for everyone to understand and are crucial in essential services. Dyscalculia, math anxiety, and low numeracy can impact individuals' ability to understand and work with numbers. Making numbers accessible benefits not only those with specific challenges but also a broader range of users. Rounding up numbers and removing unnecessary information can improve number comprehension. Leaving space around numbers can help individuals… Read more

Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 195 – The ECCCSA’s with new Chair of the Judges – Moira Clark and Director of Operations – Jackie Pringle

Access the full podcast series here Key Takeaways Participating in the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards can provide valuable insights into an organisation's performance and areas for improvement, even if a company does not win. The awards process encourages reflection on current achievements and future goals, promoting a culture of continuous improvement. The sense of community and learning from other organisations is a significant benefit of entering the awards. Recognising and celebrating employees' successes can enhance teamwork, cohesion,… Read more

Podcast ¦ Punk CX: The ongoing decline of brand loyalty, what’s driving it and what should be done about it – Interview with Simon Morris of ServiceNow

Access the full podcast series here Key Take Aways Consumers are feeling less loyal to brands, with 67% in the UK saying they are less loyal compared to 58% from two years ago. The gap between customer expectations and experiences is widening, leading to a decline in brand loyalty. Sustainability is an important purchase factor for 70% of consumers, influencing their shopping choices. 40% of consumers are wary of fully engaging with AI solutions due to concerns about data privacy and… Read more