Consumer Vulnerability – For Employees and Managers in Collections

There has been a lot of discussion around vulnerability and the design of processes to help support customers with complex needs recently. This has included some troubling stories, and highlighted the many changes in dynamics we are now seeing.

Handling vulnerability is of course now a key part of business, and under the FCAs Handling vulnerability is of course a key part of business these days and a big part in helping achieve good customer outcomes. Under the FCA’s Consumer Duty it is also a regulatory requirement.

Access the training and discussion

In this training discussion, Kevin Still, an expert in this field draws these lines: vulnerability in the context of consumer duty.

He explains how this is now a regulatory requirement and what to think about now for implementation… including access to an extensive list of additional resources.

The workshop, normally delivered live, is available online here, for you and your team, at reduced cost.

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