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The BSI Kitemark for inclusive service is a mark of trust that showcases a business’s adherence to the requirements of BS ISO 22458 and additional standards. This Kitemark is designed to ensure that services are fair, flexible, and inclusive for all, especially for those who may find themselves in vulnerable situations due to various life circumstances. BSI has formulated this Kitemark scheme by incorporating best practices from BS ISO 22458 and the requirements of some of the UK’s leading regulatory bodies.

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Key Points

  1. The BSI Kitemark for inclusive service is a certification scheme designed to ensure organizations offer fair, flexible, and inclusive services, especially for vulnerable consumers.
  2. Based on BS ISO 22458, the Kitemark emphasizes organizational culture, strategy, inclusive design, and identifying and responding to consumer vulnerability.
  3. The certification process involves scoping and planning, testing processes, and ongoing assessments.
  4. Key requirements include customer feedback, complaint resolution, staff training, management information, and ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.
  5. Testing methods encompass call centre procedures, call listening, frontline staff interviews, and evidence of compliance with internal complaint policies.
  6. The Kitemark certification remains valid for three years, necessitating ongoing assessments for continued compliance.
  7. It aligns with various regulatory guidelines, including FG21/1 Guidance and the requirements of top UK regulatory bodies.
  8. Organizations achieving the Kitemark can enhance their reputation, customer loyalty, and competitive edge.
  9. The certification aids in pinpointing areas for improvement, mitigating regulatory and legal risks, and enhancing overall performance.
  10. Consumers, especially the vulnerable, benefit from the Kitemark through more accessible, inclusive, and equitable services.
  11. The Kitemark fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion within sectors, fortifying trust among consumers.
  12. Nine organizations, serving 38 million customers, have been recognized with the Kitemark as of January 2023.
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Key Statistics

  1. In January 2023, nine organizations achieved the Kitemark for inclusive service.
  2. These organizations collectively serve 38 million customers.
  3. The Kitemark is anchored on the standards from BS ISO 22458.
  4. The Kitemark is offered in three regulated markets with an open option.
  5. The Kitemark aligns with several key sector regulators, ensuring comprehensive compliance.

Key Take Aways

  • The BSI Kitemark for inclusive service is pivotal for organizations aiming to offer inclusive services.
  • Adherence to BS ISO 22458 ensures a comprehensive approach to inclusivity, from organizational culture to service delivery.
  • Regular assessments ensure that organizations maintain high standards of service.
  • Achieving the Kitemark can significantly enhance an organization’s market reputation and customer trust.
  • The Kitemark’s focus on inclusivity ensures that even the most vulnerable consumers receive fair and tailored services.
  • The commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is bolstered by the Kitemark certification.
  • Continuous improvement, risk mitigation, and performance enhancement are integral benefits of the Kitemark certification.
  • The Kitemark serves as a beacon for best practices in sectors aiming for inclusivity.

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