[INSIGHTS]: Credit Information Market Study Final Report

ABOUT: The Final Report focuses on improving the credit information market to benefit consumers, firms, and the UK economy.

LINK: Credit Information Market Study Final Report


The Credit Information Market Study Final Report, published in December 2023, addresses the crucial role of credit information in financial decisions. It highlights the involvement of various market participants and acknowledges areas needing improvement based on an interim report from November 2022. Key findings include discrepancies in data coverage among major credit reference agencies and a lack of consumer awareness. The report proposes remedies across governance, data quality, competition, innovation, and consumer engagement, aiming to enhance market efficiency and consumer protection.

Key Points and Ideas

  • Credit information is vital for decision-making in financial services, impacting consumer outcomes and market efficiency.
  • Five main participants in the sector: Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs), data contributors, credit information users (CIUs), credit information service providers (CISPs), and consumers.
  • The market study found issues in data coverage, consumer awareness, competition, and governance.
  • The final report proposes remedies focused on governance, data quality, consumer engagement, and competition.
  • Macro-economic conditions and technological developments like AI, Big Tech, and Open Banking influence the credit market.
  • The report aims for high-quality credit information coverage and effective market competition.
  • It emphasizes the importance of governance arrangements being inclusive and representative.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will lead mandatory data sharing and CRA regulatory reporting.
  • The report is relevant to various groups, including CRAs, CISPs, industry associations, FSMA regulated firms, and consumer organizations.

Key Statistics

  • The report discusses the engagement of a large number of stakeholders and the analysis of 57 responses from the credit industry and consumer groups.
  • The interim report led to the identification of 12 proposed remedies across four main themes.
  • Over 80% of consumers in the study sample understood the impact of key financial decisions on their credit scores.
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Key Take Aways

  • The credit information market is crucial for the UK’s financial stability and growth.
  • The proposed remedies are designed to improve the quality and use of credit information.
  • Industry-led initiatives are emphasized for implementing changes, maintaining flexibility, and responding to market developments.
  • The FCA’s priorities include improving data quality through mandatory data sharing with CRAs.
  • A consultation paper on rules for mandatory data sharing is anticipated by the end of 2024.
  • Effective credit information governance and quality are pivotal for risk assessment and economic transactions.
  • The study’s outcomes aim to reduce risks in lending decisions and promote financial inclusion.
  • The report addresses the need for industry-wide participation in reforming credit information practices.

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